The art, beauty, and grace of vocal jazz

Art is, by it's very nature, something that inspires emotion in the beholder. No other form of art can so quickly, so exactly, call up such an impacting range of emotions as vocal jazz. Elegant ballads, beautiful love songs, warm swaying Latin rhythms, hot stomping swings, all take the listener through a lifetime of memories in a matter of minutes. Melody and lyric surround us everywhere, not by chance but by design because these are essential elements of life.

Jodi Beach is not simply a singer/pianist, she is a storyteller, a theme weaver, a scrapbook of our lives presented in song. Her performances walk the listener through a gallery of fine works by the masters and let them linger in their grace.

“Timeless” best describes a Jodi Beach concert. Music that is as alive today as it was when first born, enjoyed by audiences young and old, all touched by these “essential elements of life.”